Meet LaDuca Ambassador, Jaclyn Baker

We all know dancers are strong…But Jaclyn Baker is STRONG! Coming from a fitness family, Baker tried her first bodybuilding competition just a few years ago and immediately fell head-over-(LaDuca)-heels in love! The niche training emphasizes progressive resistance exercises with the goal of achieving a highly-developed muscular physique. Baker has quickly become an internationally ranked bodybuilder and credits her success in the competition world to her dance background…and her LaDuca boots!

What was your dance background?
Growing up I was a very competitive dancer. I was classically trained in ballet went to numerous ballet summer intensives. Most of my days consisted of school, then straight to dance until about 9pm, and competitions almost every weekend. I loved every minute of it!

Do you remember getting your first LaDucas?
I totally remember purchasing my first pair of Laduca shoes. My sister, Nicole (Baker) Luftig, was dancing in the FOSSE tour at the time and convinced me that I had to have a pair! I have never worn another character shoe since. 

When did you start competing in bodybuilding? 
I started competing in bodybuilding in 2015. I won both my categories in my first show and from then on I was hooked! I have been competing professionally for two years now and am currently ranked 4th in the world in my division.

How does your background as a dancer contribute to this career?
I owe a lot of my success in bodybuilding to my background in dance. I am a firm believer that my strict ballet training taught me the discipline I need for bodybuilding. I compete in the IFBB Fitness Division, which is where we are judged for our physiques and a dance/gymnastics routine. My dance background helps me learn routines quickly and perform them at a high level while entertaining the audience and judges.  I believe that my dance background also helps me with the physique portion because I am able to gracefully walk the stage and move through my poses. My dance background taught me that hard work always pays off and to never stop dreaming!

Why do you choose to wear LaDucas when you compete?
I choose to wear Laduca shoes because I know I can trust them! My fitness routines are very high impact with a lot of acrobatics and, in LaDucas, I know my ankles will be safe!

We’re so proud of you, Jaclyn! Thank you for being a LaDuca Ambassador.

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