Picture This Post: LaDuca Shoes Founder and Dance Legend PHIL LADUCA — Interview

“Recently Picture This Post was sent news about something called the LADUCA PALETTE, which features a more diverse selection of character shoes’ skin tone shades designed for the BIPOC Community.

Was this news just an example of corporations cashing in on #BLM as some movement leaders fear, or is something else at work to explain this newfound concern?  As it turns out, LADUCA PALETTE is one of many passion projects for a former dancer turned dance shoe maker and maven, Phil LaDuca, or The Godfather of Jazz, as he is reportedly nicknamed in Russia.

Here, Picture this Post (PTP) speaks with LaDuca Shoes founder Phil LaDuca (PL) on the roads through Russia, the Superbowl, Broadway and beyond that gives another picture of life after professional dancing, and for many of us, a snapshot of another entertainment era.”

Phil LaDuca was interviewed for Picture This Post! Check out the full article here.

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