Black Excellence on Broadway: Taurean Everett

In celebration of Black History Month, LaDuca is honored to spotlight eight inspiring performers who not only exude Black Excellence on Broadway, but who are also an integral part of modern Black History themselves. 

Being Black on Broadway is an unmistakable representation of Black excellence; we’re continually having to work twice as hard for half the chance, yet we always show up with grace, poise, wisdom, determination, beauty, and of course a talent and spirit that has influenced not only the industry, but has shaped American culture at large. A famous, Black actress once said, “When you [a Black person] walk into a room, your whole race walks with you.” Likewise, a famous singer quoted in a song “…When you’re in the room, they notice you.” This is our Power; we are excellent because we have to be, but we don’t do it for them, we do it for us. When one of us wins, we all do.”

~ Taurean Everett 

Taurean is a Wichita native and a graduate of Wichita State University. He developed a love for performance after joining and excelling in a competitive all-star cheer squad in high-school, and also cheered for a year at WSU. Taurean has performed on Broadway in Mamma Mia!, Miss Saigon, and The Cher Show. He’s made appearances as a model on Project Runway, has performed at numerous regional theaters, and escorted actor Billy Porter on the red carpet for 2019’s Met Gala. Taurean teaches with the Inside Broadway program (which, for now, is online) and is also heavily involved in the Black Lives Matter movement through an accountability group. 

You can follow Taurean @taureanje on Instagram. 

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