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Will Geoghegan (Willa Mania) wins LaDuca SPOOK

Congratulations to Will Geoghegan, the winner of our LaDuca SPOOK Halloween Costume Contest! While all of the entrants had incredibly fun and creative submissions, our followers LOVED Will’s fierce Frank-N-Furter look complete with a pair of our 2020 LaSale Jackie LaDuca shoes. Along with scoring an exclusive discount on his next LaDuca purchase, we couldn’t…

Brian J. Bustos: Chief Creative Officer of LaDuca Shoes

“If I am the innovator of LaDuca Shoes, Brian J. Bustos surely is the facilitator. His brilliant design work has helped propel LaDuca Shoes to where we are today.” – Phil LaDuca, founder/creator For our audience, Brian. Let’s start off with your early life. Where are you from? I grew up in Santa Fe, NM…

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