The bride’s first love? LaDuca Shoes

Broadway dancer and former Radio City Rockette, Lisa-Marie Lewis, designed a stunning pair of custom LaDuca shoes for her wedding day. Having worn LaDucas as a professional dancer for over 20 years, Lewis knew she could count on her LaDucas as she celebrated and danced the night away into a new “stage” of her life.

“I chose LaDuca’s for my wedding day because their unrivaled comfort and beauty.  Now in my 25th year of dancing, you will rarely find me in a heel!  After wearing LaDucas for ten years dancing as a Rockette (on a steel stage), I knew they would be the perfect fit.  I’ve known Phil since the 90’s and it was awesome that he just happened to be in town when I went to the store to create my custom order.  The design and colors we decided on turned out so beautifully and not once did I have to change my LaDucas for flip flops during my entire wedding day.  Custom LaDucas are the way to go for all of your special events!  Thank you, Phil, for making THE best shoes all around.” – Lisa-Marie Lewis

Congratulations, Lisa-Marie and Grant! Love, LaDuca Shoes

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